Cleaning Kit

Unique, patented cleaning product!

Cleaning Kit immediately relieves from dust, grease, fingerprints, stains and any other contaminants.

Just spray Cleaning Kit directly onto contaminated area, turn over the package and wipe the surface with a cloth, which is fastened to the back. Remains dry up instantly — and all the dirt is left on a napkin!

Hygiene Wipes

Antibacterial wet wipes + keyboard care card!

Hygiene Wipes instantly cleanse spots and stains from any screens and displays. A special card will help You easily remove dirt between the keys, providing clarity and removing bacteria from the keyboard.

To keep wipes always wet, we have developed a special metallized packaging that protects the wipes from drying out and sunlight.

Screen Wipes Screen Care

Antibacterial wet wipes for all types of screens and displays!

The unique anti-bacterial Screen Wipes composition provides gentle care of Your hardware and immediately removes any dirt.

In order to always remain wipes wet we have developed special metallized packaging which protects tissues from drying out and sunlight.

Screen Wipes Dry Tessure

Dry cleaning wipes for hardware!

Screen Wips Dry tissue Dry wipes easily clean the surface of Your hardware from dust and dirt, leaving it without stains, lint nor traces.

Screen Wips Dry tissue wipes can be used separately or in conjunction with Cleaning spray, thus allowing You to terminate any contaminants. No dust, grease, fingerprints, streaks nor stains any more!

Cleaning Spray

Cleaning spray for all types of screens!

Cleaning spray provides Your hardware with crystal clarity, eliminates bacteria and retains prolonged perfect appearance.

Cleaning spray can be used with Dry tissue. Any contaminants will be removed immediately. No more dust, grease, fingerprints, stains nor streaks!

Thanks to Cleaning Kit Your hardware is always clean and brand new!

Cleaning kit perfectly cleans computer screens, TVs and laptops, displays, tablet PCs, mobile phones and cameras.

What do I need Cleaning Kit for?

Remove dirt in seconds! Do not want to spend a lot of time scrubbing hardware from stubborn fingerprints, smudges, streaks, stains and dust? No need any more! Cleaning Kit instantly and easily removes all the excess and immediately disappears while drying without leaving any stains on the surface.

Enjoy the convenience to use!

Ergonomic compact package Cleaning Kit with spray contains 100 ml cleanser. Also includes 12 cleaning wipes in a replaceable unit (Spare tissue). Spray Cleaning Kit onto contaminated surface and wipe with a wipe. Remains immediately disappear while drying without leaving any stains, and all the dirt will remain on a napkin. It’s easy!

Take care of Your hardware!

Abrasive cleaners can contain alcohol or powder particles. They scratch the surface, wash out anti-glare coating, leave traces or unpleasant lint. Cleaner Cleaning Kit from Pelkkä is absolutely harmless! It includes no components that destroy coating.

Take care of Your hands!

Cleaning substances are usually harmful to the delicate skin of the hands, damaging and dehydrating it. As a result You feel dry and itchy after use. Vice versa Cleaning Kit really cares of Your skin thanks to its unique formula. Its patented composition is not only great to clean the surface and take care of Your hardware, but it will never cause offense to Your hands! Pelkkä company carefully selects and tests the components of the composition, which is confirmed with the quality mark on the packaging.

Take care of Your hands!

Cleaning substances are usually harmful to the delicate skin of the hands, damaging and dehydrating it. As a result You feel dry and itchy after use. Vice versa Cleaning Kit really cares of Your skin thanks to its unique formula.

Its patented composition is not only great to clean the surface and take care of Your hardware, but it will never cause offense to Your hands! Pelkkä company carefully selects and tests the components of the composition, which is confirmed with the quality mark on the packaging.

Ideal surface without stains!

The screen of any device treated with antibacterial Hygiene wet wipe will shine with cleanliness!

Wet wipes quickly eliminate existing durt and immediately destroy all bacteria. The surface dries quickly without any traces, stains, streaks and lint.

Gentle care

Impregnation contains no alcohol-based components, powder particles, ammonia, acetone and other substances harmful to Your computer screen and delicate skin of the hands.

A special card for keyboard care helps You to remove dirt between the keys quickly and easily. It will provide clarity and eliminate the bacteria from Your hardware.

Convenient use + protection from drying out!

Do You think that Your wipes will dry quickly? Not Hygiene by Pelkkä!

In order to always remain wipes wet and keep all it’s features Pelkkä company has developed metallized packaging. In contradistinction to plastic tubes it protects tissues from drying out and sunlight. Zip lock allows easy use and storage.

Hygiene Wipes are available in a large pack (15/30 pieces) and in a smaller version (10/20/30 pieces). This allows You to have them always with You wherever You go, thus keeping Your hardware clean.

Hygiene wet wipes by Pelkkä ensure proper hygiene of Your equipment!

The unique composition + soft texture!

Hygiene Wipes have a soft, lint-free structure which is more gentle towards the surface without scratching it, and without harming the coating.

Special antibacterial impregnation provides complete care for the surface. Thus all components are carefully selected and regularly tested by the manufacturer. Confirmed with the quality marking of the package.

Screen care will take care of your screen!

Screen care wipes are non-woven soft and lint-free cleaning cloths. They are impregnated with a specially designed compound that cleans the surface, removes bacteria and at the same time provides care of it.

Wipers are perfect for any screen, both LCD and anti-glare coating remain undamaged after application. Through wipes material and their composition does not contain aggressive/alcohol components neither powder particles that may cause scratches.

Quality of wipes is confirmed confirmed with sustainable reputation of Pelkkä company as a manufacturer, as well as with quality marking on the packaging. Moreover cleaning agent is absolutely safe for human health and does not harm Your handskin.

Screen care delicate texture removes all dirt, provides proper care of Your screen, purity and gloss. After cleaning the surface dries instantly, leaving no streaks, stains nor lint.

Ergonomics and Comfort!

Compact metalized packaging provides ergonomics. Wipes will not lose their characteristics and not dry, retaining unique composition. Packaging can protect tissues from exposure to sunlight and air. Sealed bag with Zip lock ensures long-term storage and easy use.

Screen care wet wipes are available in a large pack (15/30 pieces) and in a smaller version (10/20/30 pieces). This convenient package allows You to have them always with You wherever You go. No matter what happens, You can always clean Your screen from any dirt!

Let your screens, monitors and displays shine with cleanliness and delight You with originality and perfection. Screen care just can!

Screen care — an indispensable tool for the cleanliness of Your hardware!

Dry tissue — an ideal and simple solution!

Dry tissue dry lint-free wipes by Pelkkä are specially designed to take care of different hardware. They will help You to quickly clean your PC or laptop, the surface of the tablet PC and mobile phone display, the TV screen and the camera.

With them it’s easy to remove dirt from the phones, fax machines, printers, scanners, keyboards, audio systems and other devices.

Wipes have a soft non-woven structure that carefully takes care of appliancies, without damaging or scratching them, neither leaving lint nor other marks on the surface. Antistatic effect repels dust and polishes the surface for a long time.

Dry tissue — bright and clean surface as it may look!

After using conventional cleaning agents the surface may look clean enough at first glance but if from different angle or in daylight the result appears to be not perfect at all.

All failures of cleaning come into effect immediately.

With Dry tissue life is different!

After gentle care with these wipes, Your hardware will be perfectly clean. No matter how You’re looking: at any angle and in any light — the effect is always the same!

No need to spend a lot of time — just a couple of minutes and You’re done!

Dry tissue — always takes care of Your staff!

Dry tissue — only care, no harm!

Dry tissue wipes are absolutely harmless for Your hardware and for Your skin.

Wipes composition doesn’t contain alcohol, acetone, ammonia, methyl chloride nor other substances that can damage the surface of hardware and especially the screens and displays.

Moreover wipes protect delicate handskin of the hands. While usage You will notice no irritation, dryness or itching. Your skin will continue to be healthy and beautiful.


Take dry wipe and run it over the surface of hardware — all the dust just left on a wipe.

Is surface contaminated?

Apply Cleaning spray and wipe out with Dry tissue.

Cleaning spray + Dry tissue = perfect cleaning solution

Spray bottle contains 50 ml or 100 ml detergent. It is used in conjunction with Dry tissue, which is manufactured by Pelkkä as well. This symbiosis allows You to get a perfectly clean surface.

Cleaning spray gently and carefully cleanse, disinfect the surface and wipes remove dirt, without leaving streaks and lint.

The ergonomic packaging means You can store cleaner anywhere and use as needed. It is also convenient to take it with You during vacation or business trip. Packaging is sealed and occupies no space!

Unique Cleaning spray composition

Spray composition does not contain an alcohol, acetone, ammonia, nor other corrosive components, and powder particles. After all such components are harmful for the surface of Your screen.

On the contrary, the Cleaning spray composition gently cleans the surface, cares of it, disinfects and repels dust, possessing anti-static effect.

During development of this product Pelkkä company (Finland) has thoroughly tested every single component, selecting those which are harmless to human skin and hardware, as well as the most effective ones. The quality marking on the package and numerous positive reviews just confirm abovementioned.

How does the spray work?

To clean the screen apply spray on surface and wipe with a dry, lint-free Dry tissue. All the dirt from the screen remains on a wipe, and the screen is crystal clean. Cleaning spray remains dry instantly, leaving no streaks on the surface nor traces of dust and dirt.

Spray is very easy to operate, and the cleaning process takes just few minutes of Your time!

Cleaning spray — perfect care of Your screen!

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